I used to fancy myself as a bit of an Annie Oakley growing up on the farm, taking pot shots at tin cans & targets, but never graduated to a shotgun.
An ex-partner used to shoot & I was always a ‘hanger-on’ so decided to do some lessons & thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly my family circumstances took precedence over the next 10 years or so, until two and a half years ago when my husband bought me some lessons at Greenquarries. I then went to Femme Fatales events as well as NLSD 2017 at Braidwood and my shooting social circle grew from there! 
I love the social side of it and now shoot with all sorts of ladies & gents from all over the country…have gun will travel 😊 In fact I’m packing for a trip up to a sim day with the Scottish Ladies Shooting Club at Glamis Castle…can’t wait.