Having grown up beating on a local farm shoot, 2017 was going to be my first beaters shoot, because some of the boys were making fun of me being a girl and going to shoot, I asked for a few lessons to prepare me. This was where my clay shooting journey started. I had a few sporting lessons to get ready. Then held my own on beaters day. At the end of the season, I carried on with my lessons and then tried DTL. Something just clicked and I have mainly competed in this since. Although I do shoot sporting and have coaching lessons with Paul Dancer, Clay Shooting Coach, I enjoy shooting sporting with my family and for young farmers, I’ll be competing for my school later this year. My goals for the future are to improve my scores coming up through the classes. I was lucky enough this year to be eligible to shoot the England team selection shoots. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it this year, but it was an amazing experience. I’d love to make the England team and even the European in the future. I have many years shooting ahead of me and the sky’s the limit.