I first heard about shooting when my brother was at an agricultural college and was shooting for the county. I really wanted to go back to college to follow my family farming genes, but with a lack of support, I stayed in my fitness jobs. I then worked at an outdoor activity centre where they held clay shooting experiences, I had a go and did really well, but still didn’t start, I thought it was something that boys did. I finally started last year and I love it, my brother bought me a lesson at a local ground and even the instructor was surprised I was hitting the difficult targets. (Confidence boost). I’m hoping to buy my own gun and start networking with other ladies (because the guy’s attitudes really aren’t supportive) and I have seen ladies groups popping up, although none local. I have learned over the past year the things that bring me joy, mostly are farming and country activities, hopefully, I can find a really supportive coach, a bunch of ladies who share my interests and see where it takes me.