I never really had an interest in shooting (let alone heard of the sport) until my Dad asked me if I wanted to go along with him to my local ground, Park Farm Shooting Ground. I had never been so scared! I was surrounded by lots of strangers using guns (bear in mind I was only 10 at this point), however, I was made to feel very included, despite not actually shooting. My Dad asked me to score for him, and I thought to myself “well this seems interesting.” I never had the guts to actually pick up a gun until I was 11 years old, and from that point I was hooked. I started off using a 20 gauge Beretta semi-auto due to shooting Sporting for a few months. I did like this discipline, but I felt like I never properly clicked with it. One day when I was shooting at Park Farm, I decided to watch the DTL that they have there. I quite liked the idea of moving away from Sporting, so I decided to sell my semi-auto, and buy a trap gun. The first time I ever shot DTL was at Mid Wales Shooting Centre, and this is where I finally found my passion for shooting. Since that day, I have never looked back, and I even made the England Ladies DTL team in 2018 for both the Home Internationals and the European Championships at just 15 years old (the youngest person to make the team that year). I am currently sponsored by some of the world’s best companies and various other sponsors too and they are: Laporte, GMK/Beretta, Eley Hawk, Cens Digital, MacWet Gloves, and Ed Lyons. In the future, my dream is to make the DTL World Championship team in 2020, and captain the England Ladies team. My ultimate goal for the future however, is to represent Great Britain in the Olympics, when I transition to Olympic Trap. Being only 16 years old, I have many years ahead of me to achieve my dreams, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!