I’m Karen and I’m relatively new to shooting, I started around 18 months ago. In Nov 2017 I discovered I had an 8cm tumour and ovarian cysts and became quite poorly and having to undergo medicines for six months to shrink the growth to make it safer for it to be removed and eventually extensive surgery, this made me quite low and lacking in confidence, my husband took me shooting as it’s something he enjoyed. From the moment I shot my first cartridge I was hooked, I came home and applied for my gun licence! As soon as my licence came through I bought my first gun, although it was nice it wasn’t right and I am now on my third gun and I’ve found the one, it takes a little time and experience to know what you need but then you just know when it is right. My daughter Norah is 8 and she has her own 410 and is a cracking little shot and even loads for my husband and I whenever we do a Sim day, I just love the fact we can go as a family and all be apart of an amazing sport and community. I try to shoot once or twice a month and feel I’m steadily improving but I am in love with this sport and feel so empowered every time I get a little better. My new gun is a Miroku mk70 12 bore with grade 5 wood and is just my dream gun and the best investment I’ve made, having a gun that fits you and you are comfortable with makes it so much easier but then you can’t blame the equipment when you don’t do well!