I first got into shooting by asking my grandad to take me he said, ‘when your 8’, I finally turned 8 and wouldn’t stop nagging him until the day we went. As soon as I picked up the gun, I fell in love with it. As I was only little, I was shooting a 4/10 and shooting cardboard boxes/clays on the floor so I was hitting something. As I got older I moved to moving targets (to a 20guage) and because the weight of the gun was an issue my grandad put me on a tripod (shooting stick), this was to take some of the weight and to rest the gun on before and after taking a shot. One person said to me ‘we will soon have you in the Olympics’, after that I then asked my grandad if that could actually happen and he said ‘all we can do is try’, since then we have been working towards this. When I was about 10, I moved into English Skeet which I had Tom Gridley to coach me. Unbeknownst to us Tom was being taught by Rod Gould, my coach now. I then moved over to DTL (down the line) at about 12 which was when Tom then introduced me to Rod and since then Rod has taken over coaching me. I am now 14 and still shooting DTL, last season I got invited to the English selection shoots in just my first season but sadly I didn’t get in. This year I am going to do all the major events, like the British and English Open which acquires me to go to Bywell Shooting Ground which is just the other side of Newcastle. I am sponsored by GMK Beretta, Fiocchi, Maude and Fox, Teague Chokes, Cens (Nigel Hurst) and Enviro Store. I am training 5 times a week to get to where I want to go, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.