Shooting was always something that my Dad would pop off to do himself, but when I was older he used to take me out to shoot rotten goose eggs off the fence posts. This was great fun; if you got the egg right in the centre, the yolk would go sky high. This was as far as my shooting journey went for a number of years, until I met my husband.

Alan had shot a few times but nothing major, until he started going to our nearest clay ground with my dad more regularly. He purchased his own gun and never looked back. During this time I occasionally shot with my dad’s gun but it did not fit me well and would give me quite a  smack in the shoulder.

Two of my sisters and I went to our first ladies shooting day a couple of years ago and we had a great time. I continued through 2018 having a couple shots now and then, but it wasn’t until I went out with the Berretta Vittoria 390 and I thought yes this fits right and feels great. So I made a New Years promise to learn to shoot properly. I wanted to get better, to understand shooting more and it was also lovely going out shooting with my family.

Fast forward to now and I have my own gun (a wonderful Christmas surprise), stood on my own peg on Keeper’s Day with my dad standing beside me and shot my 1st pheasant. It is now quite a family affair, as all three of my sisters and niece have all started shooting too.

My favourite shooting moment wasn’t when I was actually shooting. I was on a breastfeeding update study day at work (I’m a Community Nursery Nurse by day) and they decided to do “where would you rather be” ice breaker. Most people said “at home, watching a box set”, but I had jointly won a ladies day at Braidwood the day before and was still on a high. It seemed to make everyone smile when I said “clay pigeon shooting.” 😁