As some of you may know I have been in search of a left handed gun for a while and it is proving to be quite the challenge! However, when the hubs found a left handed gun online at Kelbrook Lodge we wasted no time in hopping up the motorway for 2 hours once I’d spoken to Penny on the phone to make sure that they were open and what their Covid 19 safety precautions were.

Penny was an absolute font of knowledge about all things shooting

After coming into Kelbrook Village we negotiated a windy lane and pulled into Kelbrook Lodge and were instantly in awe of the imposing shooting lodge and were very curious about the oriental inspired building. We headed over to the shop and deployed our face masks and met Penny who was happy to tell us all about the shooting ground, lodge and the family business. Penny was an absolute font of knowledge about all things shooting and was happy to let me have a demo gun to try out on the shooting ground. As soon as I picked up the gun it felt great but I wanted to see how it felt after 50 shots as my arms are usually dropping off by that point!!

We were briefed by a very helpful groundsman on how the stands worked and the sanitising system and were then left to it. The grounds are so beautiful with windy little pathways leading into sheltered stands but at the same time the grounds are incredibly compact and it took no time at all to get around the varied birds and layouts. This was something that the hubs was thankful for as his plumber knees can’t cope with large amounts of walking!

I had zero expectations

After not shooting at all since last year I had zero expectations for myself so when I actually started breaking some clays my mind was made up about the gun! Hubs had a big grin on his face too as the quality of birds did not disappoint, the groundsman had told us to let him know if we had any no birds but there was no need. I also heard Penny ask a shooter if he had any no birds as well – so refreshing!

I cannot put into words just how fab Kelbrook shooting ground is, from the cleverly designed grounds in the stunning Lancashire hills to the excellent customer care it really has it all and if you’re ever in the area I would highly recommend a visit especially if you are looking for a left handed gun!