My family have always shot and my Great Uncle has been a gamekeeper all his working life, he was even the head Gamekeeper at Harewood House. I always remember growing up being fascinated with what he did and always looked forward to the Game season as I knew when Christmas came around my Grandad would be given a Pheasant to dress and that was part of the Christmas dinner sorted.

I also encouraged the husband to have a go

It was until 2015, that i had my first go at shooting when I was bought a “have a go voucher” as a Christmas present and I think it’s fair to say that the rest is history. Several lessons and a year later I was (and still am) the proud owner of my first gun. Within this year I also encouraged the husband to have a go and well he now shoots too! I think he thought if he doesn’t get involved he might never see me. We now spend our weekend’s at the clay ground. 

Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and Femme Fatales.

From getting my own gun I went on to do a few ladies days with the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club and Femme Fatales. I’ve met so many wonderful ladies from these shooting clubs and made some lifelong friends. It’s also one of the ladies that runs the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club event at my local ground who put me in contact with my local Game Shoot which I now beat on, one & half seasons on and I love it!

I didn’t just want to be “a gun”

I didn’t just want to be “a gun”, so I’m glad I got the opportunity to join a shoot. I’ve learnt so much about the countryside and game shooting through beating and over the course of 4 months and I hang out with my mates on Saturday, what is there not to love? With the added bonus of coming home with some lovely birds. I had my first game day on 17th December 2018 with Fine Field Sporting, what a perfect way for any ladies like me, who just wanted to go on her own and shoot with other ladies to get into game shooting.

Etiquette of the day

I had an instructor with me for the whole day who put me totally at ease and taught me all about the etiquette of the day, and it’s fair to say with his help and guidance I shot my share of the bag. I’ve done a couple of days with Lisa at Fine Field Sporting and fingers crossed I can out with her this season. I’ve also had the honour of shooting with the team I beat with in some of the most stunning countryside and some of the highest birds I’ve ever seen. That’s a day I will never forget.

My advice to any ladies that just want to try, just do it. You won’t regret it. There are so many ladies days around the country and everyone I have met has been so welcoming to the sport and also very supportive. Social media is a great way to find events and also like minded people. In this time where our health and well being is a top priority and we have all found a love for the great outdoors, what better way to get out more and take a break from it all, then a few hours at your local clay ground?